April 2019

For our March gathering, it was a pleasure to welcome back Janine who last talked to us in 2016 on her speciality spring bulbs but this time her talk was on plants that thrive in the shade.

Janine outlined the different shade conditions dry or damp and the soil types encountered in Waltham and as she reviewed her suggestions highlighted the conditions they preferred.

She started with Shrubs and suggested the following who preferred shady conditions: Camellias, Euonymus Japonica, Fatsia Japonica, Hammamelis Mollis, Hydrangea Panculata particularly Limelight, Hydrangea Quercifolia, Ikex Silver Queen, Pieris Japonica (but needs acid soil) Rhododendrons, Skimmia Confusa Kew Green (which needs slightly acid soil), Spirea Bumalda preferably Anthony Waterer or Gold Flame.

Each of these was illustrated in her power point presentation.

Her list of Perennials was equally extensive:  Astilbe with suggested varieties Fanal, Chinensis and Younique a lovely silver pink, all Astibles needing damp conditions to thrive.  Astrantia major with suggestions of Rome, a pink, Venice, purple, and Ruby Wedding.

Brunnera, Jack Frost with beautiful leaves, Dicentra Formosa, Geranium Sylvaticum with suggestions of Mayflower, Albi and Baker Pink, and Geranium Nodosum which is particularly good in deep shade.  Phaem Sambor, Lily Lovell a lovely blue, Heleborus Niger love shade and Janine suggested a few from a vast selection available of Ashwood Hybrids, Neon star, Primadonna, Blushing Bride and Candy Drop.

Hostas thrive in shady conditions and there are an enormous number of varieties to choose from.

Lamium Maculatum either White Nancy or Purple Dragon.

Solomon’s Seal (Polygonatum) and Rogersia.

There are a number of grasses that love shade including Hakonechloa preferred, Beni Kaze (Red Wind).  Millium Effusum Aureum, Asplenium Scolopendrium, Athyrum Niponicum, Malleuccia Struthiopterus, Osmunda Regalis, and Onoclea Sensibilis.

For Bulbs Janine suggested Anemore Blanda in white and blue varieties, Corydalis, Lily of the Valley, Cyclamen Hederifolium for autumn flowers and Coum for spring flowers.

Eranthis (Aconites), Erythronium the Dogs Tooth violet, Snowdrops, Lilium Martagon and the huge range of Narcissus Hybrides particularly Jack Snipe, Actia and Minnow.

Trilliums both Grandiflorum and Lutea and Rivale.

Trychirtis Formosana and Euphorbias.

There was much discussion on plants that suited dry shade particularly following last year’s very dry summer.

Our next presentation is on Tuesday 9th April when Everett Leeds will be talking on Herbaceous Clematis. 

As the year rolls on quickly do not forget the opportunity to buy bargains at The Plant Sale on Saturday 11th May. 

We look forward to seeing you at 7.00 for 7.30 p.m. on Tuesday 9th April at Waltham Village Hall for the next presentation. 

All events at 7.30 p.m. at Waltham Village Hall unless stated otherwise.